Bella & Jasper Stories

Here are some stories that pair Jasper with Bella. 1 Breaks Your Heart, But Can Another Fix It? EclecticKnight88 Bella Jasper My own version of NM, where Jasper returns from Forks several hours after Edward leaves Bella. Can he give Bella back her heart, as well as her independence? Not my best summery. Title may change. Some strong language for moments of intense anger. A … Continue reading Bella & Jasper Stories

Bella & Marcus Pairing

Bella paired with the Volturi king Marcus. A Date with Destiny Annabeth Volturi Bella Marcus After Edward left Bella slowly moved on with her life, & with the help of her 2 friends Jessica & Angela she developed a new confidence. But her life changes a year later, when Laurent returns as a messenger for a powerful vampire who happens to be Bella’s ancestor, and … Continue reading Bella & Marcus Pairing

Bella & Alec Pairing

Bella Swan paired with Alec Volturi. Alec Came First BiteMyTongue Bella Alec What would’ve happened if Bella were to meet Alec Volturi when she goes to Volturi, and what will come from them meeting? Eternal Nightmare cullen’s pet Bella Alec Aro laughed again and his smile returned although it was more menacing than inviting. “That is where you are wrong, dear child. I’m quite sure … Continue reading Bella & Alec Pairing

Bella & Felix Pairing

A new dawn for Bella Lorelei Candice Black Bella Felix Instead of standing up to Edward in Forks when Bella gets pregnant, Rosalie and Emmett rescue her and take her to Italy. Marcus reveals something, Felix is hiding something (not that well) and everyone wants to help Bella. Jacob and Charlie end up in Volterra too. Warning: Dark Edward. Bella/Felix pairing. Bella’s Revenge xteamalicecullenx Bella … Continue reading Bella & Felix Pairing

Bella & Aro Pairings

A Tale as Old as Time X.x.Try.Defying.Gravity.x.X Bella Aro Twilight/Beauty and the Beast. AU. Bella is left to the Volturi’s care after the tragic death of the Cullens. Can Bella recover from her tragic ordeal? Just as she thinks the world is safe again, she begins to feel something she never thought she would. Acta Sanctorum eri_quin Bella Marcus Caius Aro Edward left her behind, … Continue reading Bella & Aro Pairings

Bella & Caius Pairings

Stories that feature Bella paired with the white haired Volturi king Caius. 13 Years Taze Like Darcy Bella Caius Cauis helped Bella find her mother when she got lost in an airport when she was 5 years old. Little does he know that she will walk into his den 13 years later. Marcus knows something they don’t, Cauis is confused, and Bella is a little … Continue reading Bella & Caius Pairings

Bella & Demetri Pairings

Pairings feature Bella with the Volturi tracker Demetri. Bella’s Secret By: Contradictation Pairing: Bella/Demetri Bella’s has a secret that she never told the Cullens. What if she was adopted by Charlie and Renee. Who is her Real Parents, and why is Bella avoiding the Cullens.   Surrender by after-eightt reviews – Bella, Demetri One night Bella is left alone home while Edward is hunting. She … Continue reading Bella & Demetri Pairings

Bella & Paul Stories

Here is the beginning of my list of Bella and Paul stories.  Paul was the 3rd Quileute to change in the new wolf pack.  He is also the most volatile of the wolf pack.  Enjoy reading stories that pair this angry young man with Bella Swan. Title Author Summary Pairing A Drop in the Ocean I-Have-A-Dark-Side The Cullen’s left and she survived, she turns to … Continue reading Bella & Paul Stories

Bella & Jacob Stories

Bella and Jacob pairing Twilight Fanfiction stories.  Jacob is not my favorite character so I don’t read many stories that pair him with Bella.  In canon, Jacob is responsible for Bella discovering that the Cullen’s are vampires when he tells her about his tribes history.  Jacob is in love with Bella throughout many of the books until he imprints on her daughter.   I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Bella & Jacob Stories

Bella & Sam Fanfiction Stories

Completed fanfiction stories that pair together Bella Swan and Sam Uley.  Sam Uley was the first of the new pack to change and because of the became the alpha of the pack.  In canon, Sam imprinted on Emily Young.  Fanfiction has allowed writers to diverge from canon and create alternative universes where Sam imprints on Bella, fights his imprint with Emily, or something tragic happens … Continue reading Bella & Sam Fanfiction Stories