Story List 12/10/16

Here is a list of recently added stories. Please visit pairing/page to find the link for each story. Stories are listed in alphabetical order under each pairing on pages.

Bella and Jasper

  • Never Go Back by Airedalegirl1
  • No Second Chances by Airedalegirl1
  • The Art of Deception by Airedalegirl1
  • The Power of Coincidence by Airedalegirl1
  • The Edge of Madness by Airedalegirl1
  • Trusting is hard, knowing who is to trust even harder by Airedalegirl1
  • Snowbound for Christmas by Airedalegirl1
  • Silence never betrays you by Airedalegirl1
  • Sacrifices by Airedalegirl1
  • Lives Become Entwined by Airedalegirl1
  • Walk with me by Airedalegirl1
  • Who do you trust? By Airedalegirl1

Bella and the Nomads

Bella and Peter

  • Never Saw that Coming by Speklez
  • Growing up by BetterinTexas
  • Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car by Mrs.Monster
  • A Case of You by Mrs.Monster
  • The Promise by Spudzmom
  • Perfect Melody by Bitingmythoughts
  • A New Chance at Love by Ftwmomof3
  • My Dying Wish by Peters.kitten
  • Shape Up or Ship Out by Silverwritinggoddess
  • Caged by goldleaves
  • Worth Every Second by Wizardtho

Bella and Garrett

  • For God and Country by BetterinTexas
  • Atonement by BetterinTexas

Bella and Alistair

  • Hit and Run by lifelesslyndsey
  • The Quite Ones by CayStar

Other Pairings

  • To The End Of The World and Back by PrincessSBlack (Bella/Spencer Reid)
  • All That Matters Is Love by AgentSwan (Bella/Derek Morgan)
  • Maid of Honor by AgentSwan (Bella/Derek Morgan)
  • Change My Name by Izzie Jackson (Bella/Spencer Reid)
  • I Will Always Love you (Twilight/Criminal Minds) by bitingmythoughts (Bella/Aaron Hotchner)
  • No More Bad Days (Twilight/Criminal Minds) by bitingmythoughts (Bella/Derek Morgan)
  • Look After You (Twilight/ Criminal Minds) by bitingmythoughts (Bella/Spencer Reid)

Bella and Klaus

  • Wherever This Goes (Twilight/Vampire Diaries) by bitingmythoughts
  • Connected By the Soulby Bite My Tongue
  • Reaper Twins by Bite My tongue
  • Don’t Let Me Go (Twilight/Vampire Diaries) by bitingmythoughts
  • On the 5th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me (5 Golden Rings) by meekobb

As always recommendations for completed stories are always welcome.



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