Twilight, True Blood, and Southern Vampire Mysteries Crossovers Fanfiction

Stories that pair Bella Swan with either Eric Northman or Godric or place all three together as mates. All stories listed are complete. I will try to list if a story has a sequel under the completed story regardless of the status of the sequel.

Pairings: Bella/Eric, Bella/Godric, Bella/Eric/Godric

Title Author Pairing Summary
A Whole New World Heavan Hell Angel Bella/Godric Bella get’s attack by Victoria after Jacob tells her to never come or she is going to get hurt and is saved by someone unlikely.
An Unexpected Claim Cuinawen Bella/Eric First in my ‘The 12 Vamps of Christmas’ series… Bella goes to Fangtasia with her cousin Sookie and the vampire Bill, and finds the experience exasperating, until she meets a certain Viking. Rated M just in case. One Shot.
Another Chance to Live and to Love Heavan Hell Angel Bella/Godric Bella’s now twenty. She was sent to live with her elder cousin Sookie Stackhouse two months after Edward and his family left her all alone. She has already met Eric, Pam, and Chow along with Sookie’s boyfriend Bill. And to everyone’s surprise
Godric’s Human felicia2235 Bella/Godric Godric finds a barley making it Bella in LA where he now lives with Eric after Dallas. He finds his reason to live and makes her his. Fun one shot. Mature content.
I’m Not Some Fragile Flower, I’m A Woman presleybue Bella/Eric

Plus Jasper

First of all I do not own True Blood or Twilight, or any of the characters. This story begins after Newmoon, after Bella rescues Edward & the Volturi thing happens. At First, when they get home, things are good, but Edward goes back to being his overprotective self. Treating Bell like a fragile flower who can’t do anything without getting hurt & Bella grows tired of it.

Sequel: Born To Be A Vampire

My Angel BiteMy
Bella/Godric Godric is about to meet the sun, feeling there is no redemption for him on earth. His angel appears and is there to pull him off the rooftop. ONE-SHOT
Salvation Heavan Hell Angel Bella/Godric Godric goes to a club to be free of the nest for awhile. He feels like there is nothing worth living for anymore. But there he meets her, his salvation and in return he might just be able to be her salvation as well.
Taking a risk serenity
Bella/Eric After leaving Washington, Bella Swan moves in with her grandmother and cousin in Louisiana. This is where she meets a certain blonde vampire.

Challenges sequel to Taking a Risk


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