Bella and Edward Stories

I am not  a big fan of Edward of Bella pairings but every once in a while a story will come along that will catch my attention that is this pairing while straying far enough into alternative universe to satisfy me.  Please check out the recommendations below and feel free to make your own recommendations, this will probably be one of the few categories that I will not read story recommendations before added them to the list below.


Bella and Edward

The best AU story for me in the Bella/Edward pairing are the Let Your Light Shine, A Life Extraordinary, and This Hungry World by LolaShoes a trilogy that are not longer available.

Dirty Dancing with the Devil Herself by JayJayHale reviews

COMPLETE Edward left Bella, forcing his family to stay away from her. Six years onwards, the Cullens are a mess and Emmett decides to get away from his angst ridden family and let loose. What he finds in the meanest biker bar in Seatle will shock everyoe

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor – Chapters: 40 – Words: 115,168 – Reviews: 1772 – Favs: 2,048 – Follows: 777 – Updated: Dec 6, 2009 – Published: May 31, 2009 – Edward, Bella – Complete

Relearning The Breathing Process by chivalryisntdead reviews

A few days before the wedding Edward is out hunting and Bella agrees to go see Jacob, which she later regrets after he viciously hurts her like she never imagined he would. How will Bella cope? How will everyone react? Rated M for Rape and a few lemons!

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Chapters: 50 – Words: 115,616 – Reviews: 2487 – Favs: 1,211 – Follows: 565 – Updated: Jul 23, 2008 – Published: Apr 8, 2008 – Bella – Complete

Sacrificial Lamb by Nolebucgrl reviews

Redo on the end of Eclipse and replacing BD; when Jacob kisses Bella in the woods after threatening to kill himself. Bella does not have any love for Jacob other than friendship. She embarks on her life with Edward. Canon/AU you decide. Rated M.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 53 – Words: 291,142 – Reviews: 3291 – Favs: 2,204 – Follows: 698 – Updated: Oct 9, 2010 – Published: Sep 20, 2009 – Edward, Bella – Complete

Additional Readings:  Sacrificial Lamb Outtakes


The Art of Losing by sunflower-queen reviews

Bella is not quite as quick to accept Edward at the end of New Moon.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 14 – Words: 44,439 – Reviews: 272 – Favs: 401 – Follows: 114 – Updated: Jul 12, 2009 – Published: Jul 11, 2009 – Bella, Edward – Complete

The Path Not Taken by KzintiKiller reviews

Bella gets a firm wake up call in this alternate universe to Eclipse. Strong Bella. Definitely Team Edward territory.

Twilight – Rated: T – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 18,344 – Reviews: 171 – Favs: 434 – Follows: 84 – Published: Feb 16, 2011 – Edward, Bella – Complete



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