Bella & Brady Fanfiction

A couple completed stories featuring Bella paired with one of the youngest members of the wolf pack, Brady.  The thing about fanfiction is that writers are allowed to write alternative universe, so they can fast forward the story a few years or even make a young wolf older than he was in canon.  I hope you enjoy reading these stories of this unusual pairing.  Note:  Not all stories I list have happy endings.

Bella & Brady Pairing Stories

If You Only Believe CayStar Bella swore off the pack and imprinting when she left five years earlier. What will she do when someone from the past walks right into her new life in Seattle? Written for the Tricky Raven Silent Auction- o/s Bella


One More Night Lady Kathryne She knew one day she could be hurt by the magic coursing through his blood. An imprint was the wolf’s gift from the gods. All hell breaks loose when the one wolf who has always loved her finds her defeated body, lifeless on the bathroom floor. WARNING: Character Death! Bella





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