Bella & Joshua Uley Story

A completed story that features the pairing of Bella Swan and Joshua Uley.  Joshua Uley is the father of Sam Uley.  Joshua Uley left Sam and his mother when Sam was just a young child, with this story, Mrstrentrznor gives us a background for Joshua Uley and then brings him back his son where he discovers another son he didn’t know about, Embry.  While this is a unique pairing, and Joshua Uley, is not a traditional member of the wolf pack this story is a good story that will surprise and delight all.

(Note:  No images available for Joshua Uley, so I decided to use an image of Sam where he looked a different.)

Title Author Summary Pairing
I’ll be home for Christmas Mrstrentreznor Bella Swan pulled the plug on the wedding juggernaut and ran. Reduced to short stays and voluntary isolation, she moves from place to place. The Volturi can’t track her, but it doesn’t mean they can’t find her some other way. Human, she broke her promise to them. Depressed at Christmas, she meets an older man in a bar and he takes her home. Who is he? Why is she drawn to him? Bella

Joshua Uley



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