Bella & Seth Stories

A few completed stories that pair Bella and Seth Clearwater.  Seth is Leah Clearwater, the first female wolf’s, younger brother.  Seth is usually known as the happy one of the pack and in the books has a good relationship with the Cullens.  Feel free to recommend more completed stories that pair Bella and Seth together.

Bella and Seth Pairing

Title Author Summary Pairing
Pup princessxoamber “To be at the bottom of the pack was something I hated but dealt with for many years. So many times I was called “Pup” instead of my name.” A lower on the totem poll wolf, finally gets his chance with his imprint but will everything in between go wrong or will everything but just perfect? Bella


Unlikely Allies CayStar “Look, pup, nobody wants to know what you and ‘Bells’ were talking about. The leech lover going all Mrs. Robinson on you is not exactly what we all need in our heads.” Bella/Seth one shot written for the Tricky Raven Silent Auction. Bella




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