Bella & Alec Pairing

Bella Swan paired with Alec Volturi.

Alec Came First BiteMyTongue Bella


What would’ve happened if Bella were to meet Alec Volturi when she goes to Volturi, and what will come from them meeting?
Eternal Nightmare cullen’s pet Bella


Aro laughed again and his smile returned although it was more menacing than inviting. “That is where you are wrong, dear child. I’m quite sure that you could be persuaded. Are there not more members of the Cullen family?” A horrifying AU ending to NewMoon
Happily Ever After BiteMyTongue Bella


What happens after Bella’s birthday party in New Moon. Edward gets aggressive with Bella and takes advantage of her. Bella is determined to move on with her life and that is exactly what she does, but what happens when she goes to Volterra, Italy to attend College. Does she find love and finish healing?
It’s just a good-bye black.pingy Bella


Bella catches Edward with Kate and decides to visit her cousin,who lives in Italy. There she meets the Volturi again(after NM),who are friends with her they are all good. Cullens don’t know where Bella is. Charlie knows the secret. Bella has a crush on Alec and they start to get closer. But then the Cullens find Bella and demand an explanation.R&R
Maybe His Love Just Wasn’t Enough black.pingy Bella


Sorry for spelling.My first story.Takes place in NM.Edward leaves Bella,but she is moving on without him.Bella lives in Volterra and meets Alec.He takes her to the Volturi and they change her.Edward returns.He wants Bella back.Review please now!
Mutiny CayStar Bella


What will you do when you have nothing left to lose? New Moon AU, Bella/Alec
Under the pale moonlight black.pingy Bella


Edward left Bella again before the wedding when she found him with is time Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper stay with me and Carlisle died in the battle with Victoria. Charlie,Bella,Rose,Em and Jas go to join the ll,love,reunion.R&R!

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