Welcome to The Vampire’s Haven, formally known as Vampire Fanfiction Central.  This blog is dedicated to my favorite fandoms and pairings. I have yet to be brave enough to try my hand at writing my own fanfiction but I have read a lot so I thought why not put it together in one place.

I do want to make one note about the stories listed on this site, most will probably come from fanfiction.net and while some don’t like that site it does have a large database of stories compared to other fanfiction sites out there.

All the stories added to this site will be completed stories. While I do have stories that I read that are currently works in progress, I find that when I am looking for a new story I prefer stories that are already complete just for the convenience. If you have a favorite completed story that you would like to recommend please do. All of the stories that I will be initially listing will be stories that I have read.

I have already started getting lists together; the first pairing I focused on was Eric Northman and Bella Swan. So please check out the stories that are listed there.

My plan is to eventually do story recommendations and reviews as I grow this site.

The fandoms I will focus on will be Twilight, True Blood, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Vampire Diaries, and Originals.

I will be honest and say that I don’t particularly care for Vampire Diaries or Originals but I do like to read fanfiction that pairs some of the characters from each of those shows with Bella Swan so the stories that involve those shows will be crossovers only at this time.

I hope you take the time to look through my fanfiction stories list and please feel free to make comments.