Bella & Jasper Stories

Here are some stories that pair Jasper with Bella. 1 Breaks Your Heart, But Can Another Fix It? EclecticKnight88 Bella Jasper My own version of NM, where Jasper returns from Forks several hours after Edward leaves Bella. Can he give Bella back her heart, as well as her independence? Not my best summery. Title may change. Some strong language for moments of intense anger. A … Continue reading Bella & Jasper Stories

Bella and Edward Stories

I am not  a big fan of Edward of Bella pairings but every once in a while a story will come along that will catch my attention that is this pairing while straying far enough into alternative universe to satisfy me.  Please check out the recommendations below and feel free to make your own recommendations, this will probably be one of the few categories that I will … Continue reading Bella and Edward Stories

Bella & Jasper Fanfiction

Stories that feature the pairing of Jasper Hale/Whitlock also known as “the Major” and Bella Swan. As always stories are complete. I will list any other stories that are related to the completed story listed if I am aware of the story. Please feel free to give me suggested on completed stories to be added to any of my lists. Title Author Pairing Summary A … Continue reading Bella & Jasper Fanfiction

Story List 01/22/17

Here is a list of recently added stories. Please visit pairing/page to find the link for each story. Stories are listed in alphabetical order under each pairing on pages. Bella/Jasper But A Whisper On His Lips by Mmm.Bby Waking up by Cazzy20 Cowboy? by Theadosia57 Choices and Consequences by TB Viking Addict Perfect accident by Mrstrentreznor I Burn for You by catslovesushi Elemental: Prophecy by … Continue reading Story List 01/22/17