Story List 01/14/17

List of recently added stories. Please visit pairing/page to find the link for each story. Stories are listed in alphabetical order on pages. Bella/Quil Walking Away by BetterinTexas Promise Me by Just Lil Ole Me Torn by MrsBiteMe Third Time’s a Charm by Kathy Hiester Quil Imprinted On Bella! by Hannah Writes R I’m Yours by Penguins.Are.Lovely Learning to Live Again by blueboarderchick Turn your … Continue reading Story List 01/14/17

Welcome to Vampire Fanfiction Central

Welcome to Vampire Fanfiction Central (VFC).  This blog is dedicated to my favorite fandoms and pairings.  I have yet to be brave enough to try my hand at writing my own fanfiction but I have read a lot so I thought why not put it together in one place. I do want to make one note about the stories listed on this site, most will probably … Continue reading Welcome to Vampire Fanfiction Central