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Sookie-Eric-Godric Pairing






This section is dedicated to all things True Blood and Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Pairings:  Sookie and Eric; Sookie and Godric; Sookie, Eric, and Godric

Stories dedicated to the continuation of the romance/relationship between Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse, Sookie and Godric, and Sookie/Godric/Eric.  Stories are arranged by title with sequels listed under the first title in the set of stories.  Stories include Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries, True Blood, and Crossovers between the TV shows and books.


Bella and Edward

I am not  a big fan of Edward of Bella pairings but every once in a while a story will come along that will catch my attention that is this pairing while straying far enough into alternative universe to satisfy me.  Please check out the recommendations below and feel free to make your own recommendations, this will probably be one of the few categories that I will not read story recommendations before added them to the list below.

Bella and Jasper

Stories that feature the pairing of Jasper Hale/Whitlock also known as “the Major” and Bella Swan.  As always stories are complete.  I will list any other stories that are related to the completed story listed if I am aware of the story.  Please feel free to give me suggested on completed stories to be added to any of my lists.

Bella and the Volturi

Pairings: Bella/Aro, Bella/Cauis, Bella/Marcus, Bella/Demetri, Bella/Felix, Bella/Alex

Stories that contain Bella in a relationship with one of the Volturi kings or the Volturi guard.

Bella and the Wolf Pack

Pairings:  Bella/Sam, Bella/Paul, Bella/Embry, Bella/Seth, Bella/Quil, Bella/Jacob, Bella/Jared, Bella/Josh Uley, etc.

This page is dedicated to some loving happening between Bella Swan and some of my favorite Quileute wolves.  I am not a big Jacob lover so I will not be listed a lot of stories with him and Bella as the focus my main focus will be Bella with Sam Uley and Paul Lahote with a few others thrown in.  Please enjoy seeing Bella turn from a “vampire girl” to a “wolf girl” in these stories written by a variety of fanfiction authors.  Please don’t hesitate to recommend your favorite stories to be added to any of the pairings below or any of the other pairings listed on this site.

Twilight & True Blood/SVM

Pairings:  Bella/Eric, Bella/Godric, Bella/Eric/Godric

Stories that pair Bella Swan with either Eric Northman or Godric or place all three together as mates.  All stories listed are complete.  I will try to list if a story has a sequel under the completed story regardless of the status of the sequel.

Other Pairings

List of stories and pairings not already listed on other pages.


Links to other sites that specialize in all things True Blood, Southern Vampire Mysteries, and Twilight.