Bella & Brady Fanfiction

A couple completed stories featuring Bella paired with one of the youngest members of the wolf pack, Brady.  The thing about fanfiction is that writers are allowed to write alternative universe, so they can fast forward the story a few years or even make a young wolf older than he was in canon.  I hope you enjoy reading these stories of this unusual pairing.  Note:  … Continue reading Bella & Brady Fanfiction

Bella & Jared Story

A story featuring Bella Swan paired with Jared from the wolf pack. Bella & Jared Stories Title Author Summary My Perfect Match blueboarderchick Jared never complained about becoming a wolf. He accepted his changed fate, but he felt as if something was missing. Jared sees Bella upset in the woods through Sam’s mind, now Jared can’t seem to stop thinking of the girl the vampires … Continue reading Bella & Jared Story

Bella & Ephraim Stories

Stories that pairs Bella Swan with Ephraim Black.  Ephraim Black was the chief of the Quileute tribe when the Cullen’s first came to Forks, his pack made the treaty with the Cullen’s that allowed them to safely stay in the area as long as they followed the rules of the treaty.  Stories pairing Bella and Ephraim appear to be rare, please feel free to recommend more … Continue reading Bella & Ephraim Stories

Bella & Garrett Pairing

Some stories that feature the pairing of Bella Swan with the nomad Garrett.  Garrett is one of my favorite nomads and in canon you will find him paired with Kate Denali.  Garrett was made a vampire during the Revolutionary War and fought for the Independence of America from the British before his turning.  He is older than Jasper but not as old as Carlisle.  Garrett … Continue reading Bella & Garrett Pairing

Bella & James Pairing

Here we take a look at a few stories that pair Bella with the nomad James.  As always the stories listed are completed. A Beautiful Lie by Jinx Dodson reviews Sam and Bella have been dating for years when he finally pops the question. Bella accepts happily but what happens when a certain shewolf comes to town and wipes her happiness away? An imprint takes … Continue reading Bella & James Pairing

Bella & Peter Stories

I like Peter as a pairing for Bella for a couple different reasons. One reason for this is because so little is known about him, so he does not already have a set personality and character traits.  This gives writers more freedom to play with his personality when writing.  Another reason is that with Peter usually comes Jasper in some capacity and Jasper is a favorite … Continue reading Bella & Peter Stories