Bella & Paul Stories

Here is the beginning of my list of Bella and Paul stories.  Paul was the 3rd Quileute to change in the new wolf pack.  He is also the most volatile of the wolf pack.  Enjoy reading stories that pair this angry young man with Bella Swan. Title Author Summary Pairing A Drop in the Ocean I-Have-A-Dark-Side The Cullen’s left and she survived, she turns to … Continue reading Bella & Paul Stories

Bella & Jacob Stories

Bella and Jacob pairing Twilight Fanfiction stories.  Jacob is not my favorite character so I don’t read many stories that pair him with Bella.  In canon, Jacob is responsible for Bella discovering that the Cullen’s are vampires when he tells her about his tribes history.  Jacob is in love with Bella throughout many of the books until he imprints on her daughter.   I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Bella & Jacob Stories

Bella & Sam Fanfiction Stories

Completed fanfiction stories that pair together Bella Swan and Sam Uley.  Sam Uley was the first of the new pack to change and because of the became the alpha of the pack.  In canon, Sam imprinted on Emily Young.  Fanfiction has allowed writers to diverge from canon and create alternative universes where Sam imprints on Bella, fights his imprint with Emily, or something tragic happens … Continue reading Bella & Sam Fanfiction Stories

Bella & Embry Stories

A Long Time Coming by princessxoamber reviews Bella’s been crushing on Embry, Embry’s been avoiding Bella. A plan, a bonfire and possibly some clothes coming off! EmbryxBella Twilight – Rated: M – English – Chapters: 1 – Words: 3,339 – Reviews: 14 – Favs: 101 – Follows: 39 – Published: Apr 2, 2014 – Bella, Embry – Complete A Quiet Awakening by LadyofSpain reviews Bella … Continue reading Bella & Embry Stories

Bella & Quil Jr. Fanfiction

Some stories that feature Bella and Quil Jr.  Join Bella as she is paired with Quil Jr., who is one of Jacob’s best friends.  In Twilight canon Quil imprinted on a young child, Claire, but the great thing about fanfiction is that writers are not stuck with sticking to canon.  Enjoy reading the imaginations of the great fanfictions as they create great stories with Bella … Continue reading Bella & Quil Jr. Fanfiction

Bella & Seth Stories

A few completed stories that pair Bella and Seth Clearwater.  Seth is Leah Clearwater, the first female wolf’s, younger brother.  Seth is usually known as the happy one of the pack and in the books has a good relationship with the Cullens.  Feel free to recommend more completed stories that pair Bella and Seth together. Bella and Seth Pairing Title Author Summary Pairing Pup princessxoamber “To … Continue reading Bella & Seth Stories

Bella & Joshua Uley Story

A completed story that features the pairing of Bella Swan and Joshua Uley.  Joshua Uley is the father of Sam Uley.  Joshua Uley left Sam and his mother when Sam was just a young child, with this story, Mrstrentrznor gives us a background for Joshua Uley and then brings him back his son where he discovers another son he didn’t know about, Embry.  While this … Continue reading Bella & Joshua Uley Story